image1796348408.jpgIn January, I started working my way through Betty Edwards’ book Drawing on the right side of the brain. Aside from helping me pay even closer attention to what I see, it’s turned out to be deeply satisfying to finally be able to draw a reasonable facsimile of a face-such as this attempt to copy a sketch Henri Fuseli (1741-1825) made of himself:

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  1. Hi Paul: Nice work. I don’t think faces are easy to draw. When I was a kid I used to paint, but I never really learned how to draw. cheers, Y

  2. Thanks Yvonne—It’s amazing to me to see how sensitive our eye/brain is to facial details. I tried sketching someone the other day and
    although the likeness is there, I can immediately tell something is not quite right, even though I cannot specifically point to what it is that’s not capturing
    the essence of the expression.

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