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  1. Paul this is terrific – and going back over your photos I definitely see your eye developing (!) – really!

  2. Hi Yvonne,
    Well, image quality-wise, I’m quite pleased with Lightroom 3. In the past, if I come across an image I really like, I’d port it over to either Raw Developer (mac only) or DxO Optics Pro 5.x. Although DxO Optics still has a certain look to it’s images, I find I can get LR3 beta to get pretty close to the same look by tweaking the tone curve and adjusting the sharpness. Of course, LR3 cannot perform the lens corrections that DxO can, but I’m pretty happy with LR3 so far. Although this image is at ISO 100 and doesn’t have much noise to begin with, the first few ISO 3200 frames I processed with LR3 made me feel like I had a new camera. The noise reduction in LR3 Beta—although Chrominance only at this point—is much better in my subjective impression. I say subjective, because I really need to do a clear side by side LR2 to LR3 comparison. I suspect my gut impression will hold up however.

    A few downsides to the beta so far: I find it’s terribly slow at rendering changes on my secondary monitor at 1:1 when I’m in the Develop module on my MacBook Pro and I make changes in my develop settings. I’m talking 20-30 seconds here for the secondary monitor to update. Also, there seems to be a bug with regard to seeing images on the secondary monitor—if I am in compare mode (on the secondary monitor) and exit LR3, and then restart it, I cannot see an image on the secondary monitor if I switch to Loupe mode. All I see is the metadata. All the other modes work fine, but not this one. In any case, I’m sure this will be worked out in successive releases. I just hope the speed increases a tad…

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